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Why it is Important to Seek Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

Posted by Michael A. Sklarosky | May 17, 2023 | 0 Comments

After you have suffered an injury in a car accident, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed.  In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, you are dealing with a number of issues, including the following: getting the damage to your car fixed, figuring out alternative transportation, notifying your employer if you are going to miss time fro work, etc.  Unfortunately, during the course of dealing with these issues, you may forego seeking medical treatment, especially if you think that you were not seriously injured or you think your aches and pains will go away on their own.  After an accident, the best course of action is to always seek a thorough medical evaluation. This is important not only for your own wellbeing, but also any potential insurance claim, especially if a formal lawsuit needs to be filed in the future.

Your Health

The first reason you should seek medical care after a car accident is because of your own personal health and well being.  Often times after a car accident, injuries may not become symptomatic for several days after the accident.  If you have an injury, it is important your injuries are correctly diagnosed and that you start the appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.  

Your Medical Treatment Will be Documented

The second reason to seek medical treatment after a car accident is that it will result in your injuries being documented in your medical records.  In order to maximize the value in any potential insurance claim, you must prove the extent of your injuries to the insurance company.  Your medical records generally connect your injuries to the accident that caused them.  Your medical records will outline the fact that you sustained an injury as a result of the accident, the extent of your injuries, the cost of your medical treatment, and your diagnosis/prognosis.  This documentation is a crucial step in protecting your legal right to recover compensation for your injuries after a car accident.

Follow Your Doctor's Advice

Not only is it important to seek medical treatment after a car accident, but it is also extremely important to follow your doctor's recommendations/advice as it relates to your treatment.  Most people do not like going to the doctor, and sometimes life gets in the way of being able to make your appointment.  However, if you ignore your doctor's recommendations/advice as it relates to your treatment, you will only be hurting yourself in the long run.  First, you want to follow his or her treatment plan so that you feel better physically and can get back to your normal way of life.  Second, if you fail to follow your treatment plan the insurance company may try and use your noncompliance as a justification to deny your claim or reduce the amount of your potential settlement. r even deny your claim.  For this reason, following your doctor's recommendations/advice is an important part of protecting your legal right to recover compensation for your injuries after a car accident.


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