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Collecting Evidence After Your Car Accident

Posted by Michael A. Sklarosky | May 17, 2023 | 0 Comments

Collecting evidence after you have been involved in a car accident is important no matter how severe or minor the accident is.  The collection of evidence can be the difference between receiving the compensation you deserve or receiving no compensation at all.  The strength of your claim/case will depend largely on what evidence you have available, even if the facts are 100% in your favor.  There are important things that you can do to secure important evidence after you have been in a car accident.

Call 911

The first things you should do after being involved in a car accident is call 911.  This is important and should be done regardless of the severity of the accident.  

For starters, once you call 911 and a police officer responds to the scene, an official record of the accident will now exist.  This can make filing an insurance claim easier.  In addition, it can strengthen and bolster your claim.  

Once the police arrive they will also control and preserve the scene of the accident.  

You also want the police at the scene so they can investigate how the accident occurred.  Once at the scene, the police will document what they see, gather statements from the parties involved as well as any third party witnesses who observed the accident.  Observing the accident scene may allow the police officers to piece together the events that occurred.

Police assistance is also welcome if the other party is not speaking to you. For example, the other party may have brushed you off after you requested their contact and insurance information. If the at fault party does not talk to you, the police can change their mind.

Take Pictures

If you have been involved in a car accident and are physically able to step out of your vehicle, you should start taking pictures even before the police arrive.

If your phone is still working, you should take pictures of your vehicle. Take pictures of the parts of your vehicle that were damaged due to the accident.  In addition, it is also a good idea to take pictures of the damage of the other driver's car. This will help provide additional evidence in case of any disputes.

Take photos of the accident scene and surrounding to document where it occurred. Pictures of the road and any tire/skid marks on the roadway can also help contextualize the moments leading up to the crash.  In addition, if there is glass or debris from the vehicles in the roadway you can take pictures of that too. You can also take photos of any relevant traffic control devices to help prove that the accident was not your fault.

Take a photos of your injuries as soon as you are able to after the car accident. Due to your physical condition or the location of your injury, you may need to ask a friend or family member to help you.  As time goes by, continue to document your injuries.  If you have any scars, bruising, or had to wear a cast, these photos can herlp demonstrate the severity of your injuries and also prove to an insurance company that the injuries are not fabricated.

IMPORTANT TIP:  When you photograph a bump, bruise, scrape, contusion or scar, take several pictures from different angles and distances.  It can be hard to tell a knee from an elbow if the picture is too close to the body.

There is no such thing as taking too many pictures, whether it is at the scene of the accident or of your injuries. You never know what photos will be helpful, so take as many as possible.

Speak to Witnesses

In addition to taking photos, you can also collect witness information/statements while at the accident scene. After you exit your car, look for bystanders nearby and approach them asking what they saw.  In addition, make sure you get their full name, address and best phone number to reach them at.

Witness statements can be important evidence that helps assemble the accident puzzle. A witness can tell you how the accident unfolded, and you can use the other pieces of evidence to bolster their testimony.

As you speak to witnesses at the scene, ask if you can record their statements using your phone.  Some witnesses may be open to this and the recorded statement could be helpful in pursuing your injury claim.


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